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Susan Kohler has a passion for working with the elderly, especially those living with dementia. She has authored a groundbreaking book on communication techniques that allow family members and caregivers to make an emotional connection when caring for their loved ones. Susan is so in demand as a speaker and trainer that she has created Get Connected professional and family caregiver workshops, seminars and on-site training. Participants in Susan’s unique approach to communication training learn how to make an “emotional connection,” troubleshoot, use positive creative solutions and keep their sense of humor, resulting in a new level of excellence in dementia care.

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If you are living with someone who has Alzheimer’s, other related dementias, confusion or memory loss, you know how difficult just the simple act of communication can be between you and your loved one. This book can help. Published by Granny’s Rocker Publishing How to Communicate with Alzheimer’s by Susan Kohler offers 138 pages of ways to facilitate communication with positive solutions, creative ideas and sensible strategies to build a healthy foundation of care. Visit for more information.

Susan’s book and her workshops are valuable resources for families, caregivers, and people from all businesses who service those with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia on a daily basis. She offers several specialized training programs, each tailored to a specific caregiving need. The workshops, seminars and on-site trainings are not only educational and enlightening, but they’re fun, too! Visit and watch the Get Connected video which gives an overview of the caregiver workshops delivered by Susan Kohler.